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Jan 11, 2013 2:00pm EST
you pay more at an all you can eat buffet bus you're likely to eat more than the slim person there? where do you stop with that? >> just season laughering at you. >> the buffet thing is a tricky one but i've been a long supporter of a total weight, you plus your luggage past a certain point may have to pay a premium. alaska airlines has been that way a long time because they -- it's not the same -- >> first of course, where's the line. i'm 6'4", 230, according to the government i'm grotesquely obese. justin -- >> what about your bmi? >> my bmi says i'm grossly overweight. is there a line that we can do here? any way to do this without discriminating in any way but also being fair? >> so all the research on this has found is that when you force people to lose weight, whether it's a loved one who is, you know, given the guilt trip to their husband. >> no one said that. >> or dump your friends that are fat, whenever tries to force someone to lose weight, you know what happens, they put on more weight. when we start blaming these people, they -- they, unfortunately, actually keep putti
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am EST
it is supplement. and the evidence is very, very slim that you can point to that shows the efficacy of any of the -- >> for a lot of things. a vitamin shop. you could question where is the beef. but for herbalife, i want to ask the president, what is your one product that you can demonstrate efficacy that it really will help my health and my life or whatever it is with the supplements that you have. but the whole industry st fraught with people that take a thousand times of the amount of vitamin b that you need. >> i've been prone to taking more than i need. >> yeah, but most vitamins -- >> i know, the excess washes away. >> right. the cohen ziems and the reaction that you need there for the reaction, but you only need the amounts that you need for it to happen. anything over and above that is superfluous. and it goes out in your pee. so i'm not saying you shouldn't be able to make money with it. in fact, there have been some people who have made a lot of money. herb greenberg has a great documentary, which i watched yesterday online. >> he's focusing on herbalife, which is perfect
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2